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9 Jul

Fresh Heads Logo

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8 Jul

Fresh Heads Lice Removal is North Florida’s FIRST Professional Head Lice Removal Service!  Here’s our story:  Our owner’s children were exposed to lice, and she freaked.  They were just exposed, mind you, they didn’t even have it, but her thought was ‘SOMEONE NEEDS TO GET OVER HERE AND HELP ME, NOW!!!’  And of course, there was no one to help.  In the end, a very kind neighbor came over with a good lice comb (her boys had it a year earlier) and assured her that the thing she saw on one child’s head was just a chunk of sand (it was summer, and we do live in Florida).  But the idea was born, and finally, here we are!  Our website went up in late March, and immediately we began helping families on the First Coast with this gnarly little problem.  Currently, we are a mobile service meaning we provide full lice removal from the comfort of your own home.  By the time school starts this August, 2012, we will have our first Head Lice Salon up and running.  Stay tuned for more on this very exciting news!  Fresh Heads Specializes in pesticide free lice removal, and utilizes the Lousebuster machine ( for most treatments.  This amazing invention is FDA approved and is unbelievably effective.  Let’s face it, all anyone wants is a one time treatment (guaranteed, yes that’s right) so they can be done with the unwelcome guests ASAP.  For more info, go to our site at


Spread the news, not the lice!!!